Kailyn’s Memorial Fund

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9 year old Kailyn Krishtal was born with Cerebral Palsy and as one can imagine lived a life that was dotted with numerous appointments, and doctors, specialists, and oh, hospital stays. From what I have been told there were many many hospital stays. Kailyn though was a fighter. She has been described to me as having fought very hard, having endured. Yet, as I can plainly see and I am sure you can as well, she was full of light. Beautiful, loved by her family and of course returned that love!  Kailyn left her loving family, her parents, sister and brother on April 12, 2014.

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Kailyn was best known for her cabbage patch cheeks, beautiful red locks and amazing fashion sense. She loved music, all things Disney, swinging on the hammock with Grandpa, being outside and playing bubbles with her cousins, mylar baloons, listening to stories, being around other kids and school.

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The Framingham Police have made a donation to Bug’s Bikes in Kailyn’s memory, so that other kids can enjoy time on their bikes with family and friends. We have decided to go one step further and have set up Kailyn’s Fund. The funds donated in Kailyn’s name will go to an adaptive bike for a child with special needs who has a parent who is a first responder.  We can not think of a better way to honor Kailyn’s memory and thank her parents for their community service as police officers.


Visit the Shop & Donate pge and choose Kailyn’s Memorial Fund to donate to Kailyn’s Fund online or you can also mail a check to Bug’s Bikes, Inc., Attn Kailyn’s Fund, 5 Maxwell’s Green #101, Somerville, MA 02144. It is very important that you indicate on the check that you would like to contribute to Kailyn’s Fund.

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