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Bug’s Bikes Eligibility and Application

Please note there have been changes made to the eligibility requirements with regards to income.  We are also now accepting applications for partial grants.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling quarterly schedule based on fund availability.  We will review applications at Quarterly Board Meetings.

Bug’s Bikes Mission

Bug’s Bikes, Inc. is a non-profit created to carry out Bug’s wish to make sure kids like him are able to have bikes like his.  Bug’s Bikes goal is to help remove the financial obstacles that so often stand in the way of families raising children with disabilities from buying something as costly as a bike.

1) To provide financial assistance through fundraising, grants and solicitation of donations for the sole purpose of purchasing adaptive and therapeutic bicycles, helmets and other accessories for children with special needs.

2) To provide educational resources and information necessary for families and therapists to assist with determining the appropriate type and size of adapted bicycle for each child.

3) To receive, administer and distribute funds in connection with any activities related to the above purposes.

Bug’s Bikes, Inc. is an official non-profit corporation functioning in accordance with all Massachusetts and federal non-profit guidelines and for the sole purpose to carry out the mission listed above.

Eligibility for Funding through Bug’s Bikes

To be eligible the following criteria must be met:

  1.  The applicant child must be between 5 and 21 years of age.
  2. The applicant child must reside in the State of Massachusetts.
  3. The applicant child must have a physical, intellectual or sensory disability documented by a physician.
  4. All applicants must submit a completed Bug’s Bikes application in full with all necessary attachments.
  5. All applicants’ household income must meet the Bug’s Bikes income guidelines.  Income verification is a requirement of all applicants.
  6. All applicants must submit a letter from a MD, physical or occupational therapist indicating that an adaptive bicycle would be medically appropriate and therapeutic for the child and that a conventional bicycle would not be appropriate.  The letter should also state if the child has successfully trialed an adaptive bicycle and what kind of adaptations are necessary, any measurements taken and any other pertinent information.*

* If the child is not regularly followed by a physical or occupational therapist, we can assist with determining an appropriate adaptive Bicycle for the applicant.

The following income requirements are guidelines and will be considered along with other information such as families other out of pocket medical expenses in order to qualify:

Your gross annual Income must be equal to or below

Family of 2: $70,803

Family of 3: $87,026

Family of 4: $108,545

*For families in excess of 4 people add $8100 per additional child.


For families who do not meet the income eligibility but are interested in fundraising opportunities and purchasing a bike at a discounted rate, please contact

How to Apply for Funding Assistance:

  1. Read the application carefully and complete all information.  Please PRINT or TYPE.  An application that is not complete will be returned.
  2. If you need help completing any part of the application, please contact

Kelly De Angelis at 617-293-6503 or

  1. Attach copies of proof of all household gross income, explanation of additional expenses, proof of diagnosis and Referral Letter from a licensed therapist or MD to application.  All documents must be current, within 60 days of application date.  Do not forget to sign and date your application.
  2. Mail completed application to

Bug’s Bikes

Attn:  Kelly De Angelis

5 Maxwell’sGreen #101

Somerville, MA 02144

Proof of Household Income Verification Is Listed Below:

  1.  If a household member is employed:  3 consecutive paystubs from the last 60 days for each person working in the household.  If you cannot send paystubs please submit a signed and dated letter from your employer on company letterhead which states the hourly rate, number of regular hours worked per day, frequency of pay and gross pay.  Please also be sure to provide bonus and commission information as well.  Be sure the employer’s phone number and address are included in case there are any questions.
  2. If a household member is a seasonal or temporary employee:  Indicate the number of months worked during the year and if unemployment compensation is received when not working.
  3. If a household member receives Unemployment Compensation:  Submit the Notice of Financial Determination award Letter or Check Stubs.
  4. If a house member receives Social Security, Survivor’s or Disability benefits, retirement, pension, or Worker’s Compensation:  Submit the most recent award letter, Form 1099, or bank statement which shows the direct deposits to the bank.

All applications will be reviewed by Bug’s Bikes, Inc.’s Board.  All complete qualifying applications will be considered.  Bikes will be granted based on available funds.  Recipients will be chosen by the board from all qualifying applications based on a variety of considerations.  Qualifying applications will be kept on file.


Submit Applications any time of the year and your application will be reviewed at our next quarterly board meeting.

Click this link to access the application.

Bug’s bikes application(2)


3 thoughts on “Apply For A Bike!

  1. I have twin grand daughters with autism six years old. I saw your bicycle on the news and it brought tears to my eyes and wonder how much for the bikes, and any help in getting the girls these bicycles…. This could help them so much… thank you for any information

    1. Linda,

      I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back to you. We are working on our application process now and we will post it very soon. We are also working on a platform in which families will be able to create their own fundraising page to help raise funds while they are waiting for our process. All funds you and your family raise will go directly toward your child or in your case children’s bikes. It is hard for me to say what the cost would be with out meeting your granddaughters and having an idea of what adaptations they would need in order to access bike riding. but I do hope that we can help you! Please continue to check in here. We are in the money raising phase right now. I do not want to open up an application process with out the funds to support it. I feel that will only give false hope and is even more unfair to families than not being able to provide in the first place.

      Thank you for reaching out. I hope you continue to do so. We will need volunteers in the future for events and helping to pass our story is a great help in raising funds at this point!

      Kelly, Steve and Bug

  2. Awe… we are in W.V. BUT LOVE WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING!!!!!! THANK YOU!

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