Who’s Bug and What’s With These Bikes?



Bug’s Bikes is the brain child of our 11 year old Steven who we have alsways warmly referred to as Bug. Bug is Visually impaired with High Functioning Autism and . Bug’s Bikes in many two rare genetic disorders. In many respects BUG’S Bikes is really HIS Non-Profit, unfortunately in Massachusetts he is too young for it to be officially so…  So Mom and Dad are have been helping him out a bit since it’s inception in 2013!
After finishing his second day of Adaptive Bike Camp when Bug was just 5, he realized he was one of the only children taking their bikes home everyday and that made him very sad. He was adamant that all the kids should be able to bring their bikes home. Of course he had no idea what went into getting his own bike or the funding necessary for some of these children to be able to bring their own bikes home. In Bug’s mind, they just should all have a ride a bike or trike.
If it were as simple in reality as it was in Bug’s mind, there would be no need for Bug’s Bikes! The adaptations are there to allow these children to ride despite physical disability or lack of agility! Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive for most families like ours to purchase the appropriate trike for their child. Funding is out of reach for many families.
So out of Bug’s sadness and the heartwarming joy it brought my husband and I watching these children riding these bikes… Bug’s Bikes was born!
We decided to have a lemonade stand to help a friend purchase her trike. Before we knew it we were selling virtual lemonade and had funded the trike before we ever poured our first glass of real lemonade. It was decided that with the additional funds we had to buy more trikes. The joy on the faces of the recipients was contagious and we decided one or two would not be enough for us, but we would want to continue. So we took the step to file for our non-profit status.
Bug’s Bikes, Inc. is an official Non-Profit Corporation functioning in accordance with all Massachusetts and Federal Non-Profit Guidelines

1) to provide financial assistance through fundraising, grants and solicitation of donations for the sole purpose of purchasing  adaptive and therapeutic bicycles, helmets and other accessories for children with special needs; 2) to provide educational resources and information necessary for families and therapists to assist with determining the appropriate type and size of bicycle for each child; and 3) to receive, administer and distribute funds in connection with any activities related to the above purposes.


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