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How you can Help Our Little Hero!

Here are some ways you can Help Our Hero:

Amazon Smile:

When you do your shopping on Amazon you can support Bug’s Bikes and Our Little Hero and his mission with every gift you buy.  Just use the link below and save it to your favorites, open Amazon this way every time and a percentage of your purchase will go to Bug’s Bikes.  It is as easy as doing the shopping you already planned on doing!

The Buffalo Exchange in Somerville, Ma:

The “Tokens for Bags” program is where Buffalo Exchange customers are given a token worth $0.05 in place of a bag. The customers then choose one of three charities to donate the $0.05 token by placing the token in a box. At the end of the 6 months they add up all the tokens and donate the cash value in the form of a check to each local charity. Since Buffalo Exchange started the program in 1994, we’ve raised over $627,000 company wide for thousands of local nonprofit organizations and kept 12.5 million plastic bags from polluting the environment!
Bug’s Bikes token box will go up in January, and be up through June 2017
If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the Buffalo Exchange, it is a pretty cool place where you can bring your no longer being used fashions to be exchanged for other clothes or cash.  The concept is pretty cool and worth checking out, and not just because they are supporting Bug’s Bikes.
Donate On Our Web Page:
You can Donate on our webpage by using the Shop and Donate page.  There is of course a little cost in running a non-profit, but we are volunteer based and run out of our home, therefore keeping our costs to a minimum.  Your donation will go toward Bug’s Mission of providing bikes.
Up Coming Events:
Watch our Facebook page for upcoming fundraising events