It’s Gonna Be an 80’s Party to remember!  You never know, it may even rain men, but you will never know unless you are there! 

There will be raffles to partake in, Silent Actions you will need to have!  Costumes you will wish you had thought of, but if you stay home, you will miss it all!


BE there or be square!  October 17th, 2015 from 7pm to 11pm.


Bugs’ Bikes at Ability Expo 2015!!!!  Come See us!




Bug’s Bikes Tee Shirts!

Make a Donation of $25.00 to our Virtual Lemonade Stand and receive a Bug’s Tee shirt while supplies last.  Visit our Bug’s Bikes Virtual Lemonade Page to make your Donation TODAY!


  Kailyn’s Memorial Fund photo 5 The Framingham Police have made a donation to Bug’s Bikes in Kailyn’s memory, so that other kids can enjoy time on their bikes with family and friends. We have decided to go one step further and have set up Kailyn’s Fund. The funds donated in Kailyn’s name will go to an adaptive bike for a child with special needs who has a parent who is a first responder.  We can not think of a better way to honor Kailyn’s memory and thank her parents for their community service as police officers. Visit Kailyn’s Memorial Fund page to learn more about Kailyn and how to donate to her fun.   Pedal Car Raffle! IMG_3291A special Thank You to Mr. Joey Kinch and the guys from his Collision Technology Program at the Medford Vocational High school for donating their Award Winning pedal car to Bug’s Bikes.  Bug is a little big for this pedal car, so with the thumbs up from the guys Bug has decided to raffle this beauty off to one lucky winner!  We hate to let it go but hope to raise some much needed funds for more adaptive bikes.   Buy Your tickets now!  Buy them HERE!   It is TIME to APPLY! Time for our Massachusetts Families to apply for their Bikes!  Visit the Apply Here Page and click Bug’s red sign and you will be able to download the PDF application.  You have until July 1st, 2014 to get your completed applications to us.  Families in other states bear with us, we will not forget about you.  We are awaiting the 501c3 approval and then we hope to branch out to help others. Apply HERE! Lemonade to Earn and Learn We have a project going with the Kennedy Day School students at Franciscan’s Hospital for Children.  They are building their own lemonade stand!  They are using this project to work toward their vocational goals.  Some will be learning about money, some are building or doing graphics, others are sewing, these students are hard at work preparing for opening day.  They will be selling lemonade to raise funds for a bike for a student in need of a bike in their school.  Their teacher who has come up with this amazing idea has agreed to blog about their experience for us.  I can not wait for the updates on their progress! Bikes Olympics! Any one up for putting together their team to compete in some fun and child friendly bike games to raise funds for Bug’s Bikes?  Looking for some feed back.  If you like the idea, hate it, want to jump on board and help get it together or you have another brilliant idea…  Please Please Please!  Get in touch!  We would love your help! kdeangelis@bugsbikes.org Other things on the horizon… Freezer Meal Workshop – RESCHEDULED NOT CANCELED, but we must RESCHEDULE!  Can those interested in this event email me your preference, Thursday or Friday evening or do you like the Sunday afternoon?  kdeangelis@bugsbikes.org  or fill out the form HERE!

Meet Bug’s Bike Recipient #2! Meet Chris Tocci!  Chris is Bug’s Bike Recipient #2.  Chris came to us by way of Bug’s dear friends in the Complex Care Team at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Chris was fitted by Maria for his bike 2 weeks ago.  Keep your eyes peeled for our new page on our website Bug’s Bike Buddies which will have more info on our new friend Chris.  For now we thought we would at least introduce you to this happy little 8 year old who had never had the opportunity to ride a bike before his fitting.  I bet their family is anxiously awaiting the delivery of his new bike and spring so he can ride it! photo 3 Five-year-old Somerville boy is the inspiration behind Bug’s Bikes The Junior Aid Association of Malden presented a $1,200 check to 5-year-old Steven “Bug” De Angelis of Somerville and his parents, Kelly and Steve De Angelis, to purchase bikes for children with special needs. After seeing other children without adaptive bikes of their own, Bug set up a lemonade stand that raised $2,000 to purchase bikes. His parents continue his charity work through a foundation. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2014/01/02/five-year-old-somerville-boy-the-inspiration-behind-bug-bikes/ZowU1EcbTmSjPtWl4yLu1L/story.html 

Somerville Boy Helps Special Needs Peers Ride Bikes

A five-year-old Somerville resident who’s legally blind started a lemonade stand to help other kids with disabilities. He raised $1,500 before squeezing the first lemon, and his effort has transformed into full-fledged non-profit.  http://somerville.patch.com/groups/goodnews/p/somerville-boy-helps-special-needs-peers-ride-bikes

5-Year-Old Boy Creates ‘Bug’s Bikes’ For Kids With Special Needs « CBS Boston

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  1. I just want to be sure you all know about the Bicycle Riding School near Davis Sq in Somerville. We teach lots of people with special needs. See BicycleRidingSchool.org. It’s great what you all are doing!

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